Splitkein Touring Ski 195cm 75 inches Cross-Country with Pacer Cross Country Ski Bindings Three Pin 75mm

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Wonderful shape, very gently used and well maintained

Vintage Pacer Cross Country Ski Bindings
Three Pin 75mm Nordic Norm, Includes Heel pieces
Made in USA

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Splitkein means “split cane” literally in Norwegian, refering to the laminations of the ski. The truly complex laminated skis didn’t hit the market until 1939, when chemists invented a glue strong enough to hold the various laminations together permanently. These skis were constructed with thin layers of wood that were glued together in narrow strips called “cane” throughout the entire length of the ski.

Splitkein ski factory was established by Peter Østby in 1935 and taken over by Laila Schou Nilsen in 1947. In 1950, Splitkein moved the factory to Hønefoss. In addition to skiing, the factory produced garden furniture, camping equipment and yachts.

From 1950 to the 1960’s, Splitkein skis were a dominant force in Norwegian skiing, but like other Norwegian producers of wooden skis, Splitkein faced competition with imported glassfiberski skis and had to cease operations in the 1970s.

Splitkein skis were manufactured by different ski manufacturers in North America under contract with strict specifications.

Cross-country touring skis are designed for skiing on groomed trails with a forward and back striding motion similar to how you walk or run. The skis are generally long, narrow and lightweight for fast and efficient skiing in groomed tracks. Some cross-country touring skis have a shorter design that makes them a bit easier to turn and control, making them a popular choice among beginners. Cross-country touring skis are a great option for people who want to have a fun time and get some exercise but aren’t in it to get a major workout or set a course record.

Generic Cross-Country Ski Size Chart

Skier Weight Classic Ski Length Skate Ski Length
100 – 110 pounds 180 – 190cm 170 – 180cm
110 – 120 pounds 182 – 192cm 172 – 182cm
120 – 130 pounds 185 – 195cm 175 – 185cm
130 – 140 pounds 187 – 200cm 177 – 190cm
140 – 150 pounds 190 – 205cm 180 – 195cm
150 – 160 pounds 195 – 210cm 185 – 195cm
160 – 180 pounds 200 – 210cm 190 – 195cm
180+ pounds 205 – 210cm 190 – 195cm


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