Remote Controlled Wireless Deadbolts

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Remote Controlled Wireless Deadbolts

Easy installation
No external wiring required
Suitable for all domestic uses inside and out
Suitable for the disabled
Unlocks the door from any direction from up to 150 feet if there is no obstacle between the remote fob and door
The remote will unlock the door from the inside and the outside
Panic exit function (The door can be opened from the inside at all times by using the an inside latch handle)
2 remote transmitters plus 2 additional keys for conventional operation
Anti-scan code hopping technology
Audible tones for lock, unlock, jam and low batteries
Powered by 4 AA 1.5v alkaline batteries (always use good quality ALKALINE batteries)
Low battery consumption
RF (Radio Frequency) Remote Door knobs and Deadbolts all have a tested range of 150 FEET.
Install an RF Deadbolt and enjoy the convenience of opening your door with the click of a small remote. This model requires 4 AA batteries (sold separately).
This Remote-Controlled deadbolt is easy to install and program. It replaces your existing deadbolt or you can add one. And since it’s battery powered, there’s no need to mess with any power cables.
This revolutionary deadbolt recognizes up to 15 or more remotes so you can grant access to multiple users.
Remarkably easy-to-use and convenient for all ages, you’ll wonder how your family ever lived without it!


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