Pair of 24″ x 48″ Green Epoxy Wire Wall Mount Shelves Shelf

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Perfect for a variety of commercial applications, this shelf lets you store items in places where they are conveniently available to use wallmount, wall mounted. It makes the most of unused wall space in spots over sinks, work tables, and work stations that would otherwise go to waste. Since it has a green epoxy finish, this shelf also works well in damp or humid environments where other types of shelving would quickly corrode!

Shelving unit with two 48×24″ Chrome Metro wire shelves for food or dry / humid storage, storage units, closets, Commercial kitchen application
Open Wire Design
Its wire design ensures ample airflow and light penetration around the shelf contents, which is particularly important in damp locations.

From heavy bags of flour to bulky cleaning supplies, there are a lot of items to properly store in your restaurant, diner, or bistro. Thanks to the 24″ deep wall mounting bracket for green epoxy wire shelving, you create a storage space that meets the needs of your business. Best of all, this product has an epoxy coating that makes it safe to use in your walk-in freezer, refrigerated storage unit, or warewashing area.

Use it to keep your canned goods, appliances, tools, and other supplies neat and organized. Plus, thanks to its epoxy coating, it can be placed in your dish room or other humid environment.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Approved
600 to 1,200 lb. capacity per shelf

This shelf features green epoxy-coated brackets and a shelf that are suitable for dry, moist, or humid environments. From the back-of-house to the front-of-house, the shelf is great for storing supplies and inventory! Because of the green epoxy design, it’s especially well-suited for use in environments where other types of shelving would quickly corrode.

For use in storage unit, freezer material handling, closet or warehouse organization
Shelf shelving unit with 4 shelves
each shelf 48 inches wide
24 inches deep

Metal wire shelving make 5 tier metal shelf where 24 inch wide shelving unit might not be on hand
Wire shelving rack as chrome shelving unit have 36 inch wide shelving unit and looking for shelving on wheels.
18 inch wide shelving unit, 36 inch wide shelving unit 5 tier metal shelving unit, uline shelving units


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